Here I'll put links to other parts of the internet I like.

Blogs from people



  • Aquí cotillean sobre las casas reales aunque tienen otros temas claro...
  • CBB Forum about conlangs
  • The Dao Bums Forum about Daoism
  • Dream Views Forum about lucid dreaming, they also have a section (Beyond Dreams) about AP, shared dreams, etc.

Link directories


  • Anna's archive Website to search books from zlib, libgen, etc. You can help them torrenting the books collections
  • 4get A metasearch engine, very cool
  • Marginalia A search engine that gives you like blogs, academic texts, neocities pages... Sometimes it works better than google/searx
  • The Eye I think this is the biggest open directory, if it isn't, then it's one of the biggest
  • The Swiss Bay Another OD, they have a BIG collection of linguistic/language books
  • Language and Linguistics MEGA folder A MEGA folder with 50GB of language textbooks, its books aren't the same as theswissbay's ones
  • BAI Mola mucho este sitio, no lo pongo en foros pq es un tablón de imagenes
  • Nectarine Demoscene radio with links to others, they stream good music